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Satellite data and AI for sustainable agriculture

Near real-time crop monitoring with satellite data and Artificial Intelligence. Agrieye provides access to precise vital field insights, such as soil state, soil moisture, etc. The data is provided throughout all seasons and weather conditions with radar images.

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A global sustainability marketplace dedicated to reversing climate change one transaction at a time

SDG Exchange strives to be the first global sustainability asset marketplace that enables companies to increase their adherence to Paris Agreement compliance through seamless and secure blockchain asset transactions at a global scale.

Advocating for a systemic transformation from a linear culture obsessed with economic growth towards a just and inclusive circular society.

Revolve is a communication agency offering a variety of services and expertise to improve company outreach and to create greater impact. Services include branding, strategy, content, performance, and digital.

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Connecting Companies with Real Assets to Investors

Bedford Row Capital is an award-winning, non-bank originator that exists to serve a diverse range of firms who are unable to access the services of banks and want to raise finance in the debt capital markets.

In view of the lack of universally accepted guidelines, Bedford Row assists investors and borrowers with market intelligence and best practice.


With the importance of ESG as an investment theme, Bedford Row Capital is an active participant in a number of key initiatives led by our Head of Social Policy.

Connecting the dots between those wanting to make socially responsible investments and ambitious ESG-compliant companies that need capital.

Sustainable Capital PLC is a UK-based issuer that offers a flexible, quick-to-market solution for green and sustainable bonds.  Providing a comprehensive service, the Sustainable Capital platform includes structuring support, ongoing administration, listing, and clearing on international systems. Sustainable Capital is recognised on the NASDAQ Sustainable Bond Network.

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Shariah Compliant Sukuk Issuance Platform 

Al Waseelah offers a comprehensive solution for structuring, arranging, originating, and listing of Sukuk including green, ESG and SDG focused opportunities. 

Orestes Sustainable Income is an ethical investment solution created with the purpose of identifying and providing capital to companies that create solutions to UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The market has a shortage of companies that make a positive impact. Orestes through its knowledge and experience seeks to identify companies that both address the U.N Sustainability Goals and provide sustainable sources of sustainable equity growth.  We will explore sectors such as food security, net-zero and green mining. 

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Muse: designed by business owners, for business owners

Get sustainable funding within 24 hours. Muse provides instant access to cash for your business to help you stay on top. Bridge cashflow gaps with seamless access to funding against your unpaid invoices by integrating your business accounting software.

Energy Solutions Provider

World Energy Consortium (WEC) is an optimization software technology, with research roots from MIT which transforms buildings to grid-interactive buildings and creates Virtual Power Plants (VPPs) by aggregating demand capacity of IoT smart devices and other Behind the Meter Distributed Energy Resources (DERs) such as PV solar, batteries and Electric Vehicles.

Sustainable Energy
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Know your Covid status in 7 minutes

In just seven minutes, you’ll know if your vaccine antibodies are sufficient to protect you from Covid-19, if you could be at risk, or whether you've had Covid-19 before.


Not all Antibody tests are the same: Attomarker is the only rapid "QuadMatrix" Test currently available, testing for your IgG, IgM, IgA antibodies to Spike, Nucleocapsid and Receptor Binding Domain of the SARS-CoV-2 virus + your C-Reactive Protein, an important measure of inflammation.

Executive training, bespoke ideation

The European Institute for Exponential Technologies & Desirable Futures offers executive training, curate bespoke ideation experiences and conduct future scenario research – to support a new leadership in exponential times.


The think tank is led by a tribe of leaders from science, industry, and government, with the faculty here to unlock your best future opportunities.

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