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Teuta Oruci

CEO & Founder

Building on her legacy in the City of London, Teuta has distinguished herself over two decades in leadership roles across several financial giants, including Worldpay, Vanguard Europe, Schroders, Credit Suisse First Boston, and Barclays Capital. In addition to her experience as a financial executive leader, she was honoured as a Freeman of the City and Liveryman for The Worshipful Company of Glass Sellers in 2014.

Transitioning her vast experience to the growth of clean technologies, she advises several firms as a member of their board and is an ongoing contributor to the ACCA (Global Accounting Body), as well as a Member of the Global Sustainability Forum. Teuta now leads Cleantech360 as its Founder and CEO. In this capacity, Teuta not only steers the company's direction but also embodies the spirit of innovation in sustainability and cleantech sectors.

Her leadership is characterized by an emphasis on collaboration and innovative thinking, leveraging her extensive network and industry insights to foster growth, drive technological advancements, and champion environmental, social and green (ESG) stewardship. As the visionary behind Cleantech360, Teuta is committed to catalyze a sustainable future, demonstrating unwavering dedication to excellence, innovation, and corporate responsibility.

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